Claudine Barretto On Meeting Imee Marcos, Darryl Yap

Claudine Barretto has a project with Sen. Imee and Direk Darryl

Optimum Star Claudine Barretto shared the meeting that she had with Senator Imee Marcos and director-writer Darryl Yap.

Claudine started her career at a young age. From being a child star in the 90s kiddie gag show Ang TV, she became one of the most prominent drama actresses of her generation. Over the years, she worked with different artists and production teams.

Just recently, she met Sen. Imee who featured her in a vlog. Claudine shared photos with Sen. Imee and Direk Darryl in her recent Instagram post. The actress was also with her kids.

Photo Source: @claubarretto IG

The Optimum Star shared that the Senator invited her to be a guest on her vlog. “Last Friday i was invited by Ms.Imee Marcos to guest in her VLOG .ofcourse i said YES right away,” she shared.

Claudine Barretto said that she immediately said yes because she was thinking that the Senator could invite a lot of guests but she got invited. She expressed that she was honored to meet the prominent politician. The actress was also about their conversation.

Then, the Optimum Star shared that she also met Direk Darryl Yap and she was surprised how he looks in person. “One more BONUS is that i finally met Direk Daryl Yap.i never thought he’d be so young pala,” she said.

claudine barretto imee marcos darryl yap
📷: @claubarretto / Instagram

The actress also shared what the director told her. Direk Darryl said that he has a movie for Claudine and this will be under Viva. The director also shared with her the story.

For the actress, it was a pleasant day meeting Sen. Imee and Direk Darryl. She expressed excitement to work with the director and she was thankful that Sen. Imee for guesting her on her vlog.

It is truly an Honor & privilege to have met you.Yes i will keep intouch .as of the sane night Boss Vic said yes i will do the movie with Direk Daryl,” the actress said. Claudine Barretto also invited her followers to support the vlog of Sen. Imee Marcos.

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