Jessy Mendiola Describes Married Life With Luis Manzano

Here’s what Jessy Mendiola said about her marriage.

Actress-vlogger Jessy Mendiola shares secrets to a healthy relationship and describes her marriage life with Luis Manzano.

When it comes to relationship advice, it surely is good to hear some insights from Jessy Mendiola who is currently happily married to Luis Manzano. Their married life just became happier when Rosie came to their lives and completed their happy family.

It can be recalled that the celebrity tied the knot the second time around in Palawan last week. The family of the actress was finally there as witnesses. Also, Rosie was there to wait for the glowing bride with her Papa.

As a guest in Fast Talk with Boy Abunda, the actress-vlogger happily talked about married life. According to her, just like the other normal couples, they also fight. She expressed that having no fights in a relationship won’t make them a normal couple.

She emphasized that disagreements is a part of any relationship but in dealing with their fights, she and her husband accordingly don’t resort in loud fights. The difference from then and now is that its faster for them to resolve the misunderstanding now and one of the reasons is because of Peanut.

“I think normal naman yun and it’s actually healthy na nag-aaway kayo kasi you get to air out feelings, emotions, and talagang nagro-grow kayo together as a couple. Nakikita nyo kung ano yung dapata baguhin sa sarili nyo, or yung mga dapat pang-i-keep or i-let go,” Jessy added.

The situation now also turned. Before, she used to be the one who always wants to resolve a fight immediately but now, it’s Luis who doesn’t want to let it spill over to the following day.

On resolving the issues right away, she expressed in the interview, “Wag nyong ipagpabukas. Kasi mas maganda na natatapos nyo siya ngayon para kinabukasan magaan ang loob nyo pagka-gising sa umaga.” 

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