Taragis Issue: Owner Apologizes, Gives P100K To Netizen

Following the buzz regarding the Taragis issue, the owner did this.

TARAGIS ISSUE – Owner Carl Quion apologize for the April Fools’ Day prank and gave the netizen the amount indicated in the post.

April Fool’s Day prank gone wrong! A local Takoyaki store named Taragis created a loud buzz online after posting an April Fools’ Day challenge which was taken seriously by a netizen. As indicated in the post, the netizen got the logo of the business tattooed on his forehead.

Taragis Issue

The man tattooed the logo on his forehead to win the hefty jackpot prize which turned out to be a prank. The business initially denied giving the money as it was just a prank which sparked debates about responsibility, cultural awareness, and the perils of online pranks on various social media platforms.

KAYA MO BANG GAWIN PARA SA 100k?!” says the post which was taken down after it stirred issue. With the post of the participant taking the challenge to heart getting viral, many netizens online pushed the owner to take accountability and make things right. Not all Filipinos know this Western tradition and due to other reasons like being in dire need of money, some people would be willing to do just anything to earn.

The takoyaki store was criticized after it emphasized that they will not be giving the amount and instead stressed things about reading comprehension. In a previous article, a business owner donated P10k to the participant after falling victim to the prank. Other local businesses followed and financial help poured for the viral man.

Following the controversy, Taragis posted a Facebook video showing Quion personally going to the house of the inked netizen. He also gave the man Php 100,000 cash and other peace offerings. 

In the same video, the man shared that he did not see the disclaimer on the post. He just needed the big money for his youngest child’s tuition who has a down syndrome.

“Unexpected lahat nang nangyari. Ito may anak pala si tatay na may special na karamdaman,” Carl said in the video and added, “Kumbaga, yung April Fools’ Day na post namin, naging daan pa para makilala ko siya at kahit papaano, may napasaya kaming bata.” 

He also apologized to those who did not like their prank. He did not mean any harm through that post. He hopes that what happened will serve as a lesson to other influencers.

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