GSIS Loans Ready To Help Members in Times of Different Financial Needs

Guide on GSIS Loans that Members May Apply For

GSIS LOANS – The Government Service Insurance System has crafted different loan offers that its members can turn to during financial needs.

In the Philippines, one of the giants in terms of social insurance is the GSIS or the Government Service Insurance System. It is in the service of the Filipino people for decades now since May 1937.

The GSIS started with a life insurance program them. Through the years, it managed to continuously grow its offers for the benefits of its members. Its programs and services are exclusive for its members who are former or current employees of the government.

Just as there are millions of people who have worked in the government or currently a state employee, there are also millions of Filipinos across the nation who are GSIS members. Some of these people are already pensioners after they have retired from government service.

Many of the GSIS members are in the phase of submitting monthly contributions to the state-run social insurance giant to maintain an updated account. The GSIS monthly contribution rates may vary depending on the monthly income of the member.

GSIS members who have updated accounts may qualify to the programs and services offered by the state-run social insurance giant. Among these are loans such as the following:

  • GSIS Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus
  • GSIS Policy Loan
  • GSIS Enhanced Emergency Loan
  • GSIS Pension Loan
  • GSIS Pensioners Emergency Loan

The GSIS loans come with easy application process. You just have to qualify to the eligibiliy criteria set by the state-run social insurance giant under each offer. Also, each of the loan has a unique set of purposes served, loanable amounts, interest, and other basic loan features.

Thus, it is best to check on the loan offers of the Government Service Insurance System one-by-one to know the details and to be aware on the possible options that you may turn to in times of financial needs. Let’s begin with the GSIS Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus.

GSIS Enhanced Conso-Loan Plus

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