Moira dela Torre Shares Inspiring Words About Her Weight Loss Journey

Moira dela Torre struggles with her weight before

Singer-songwriter Moira dela Torre shared inspiring words about her difficult weight loss journey.

Moira shocked many people when she finally showcased her fitter figure. The singer gained weight and it was not easy for her to go back to her ideal weight. This journey to achieve the figure that she has now went through a lot of challenges.

Based on the article in The Philippine Star, Moira admitted that she has done a lot of ways to shed the extra weight. However, at first, nothing seemed to be working.

moira dela torre
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“I actually started all these diets. I was vegan for a while. I did keto, I did intermittent (fasting). I did everything. I tried everything,” Moira dela Torre said. She started this in 2020.

In her weight loss journey, she suffered from an eating disorder called bulimia. “And I’m sorry, I have to say it, trigger warning ba, I became bulimic for two years from 2020 to 2022. And it only worsened my situation,” she revealed.

She even gained more weight because of that. Then, she stopped putting pressure on herself and when she let herself be, that was the time when everything went okay. “Don’t be too hard on yourself,” the singer-songwriter said.

Moira said that this might sound cliche but she started losing weight when she stopped trying. When she decided to do that, the real weight loss happened.

I think our bodies know when they are cared for properly. Our bodies recognize when they are loved properly. So, self-love is not a selfish thing,” she explained.

Moira also encouraged other people who aim to lose weight to care more about what they feel. She shared that it took her so much time to think that she is beautiful and that was when the physical change started.

The singer said that weight can fluctuate but the important thing is what is in the heart because this is where the change really happens. She is glad the change happened for her gradually. Moira dela Torre stressed that this is not an easy journey. “It wasn’t a quick fix,” she said.

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