PAWS Says Killua Tested Positive for Rabies

PAWS Says Slaughtered Dog Killua Tested Positive for Rabies

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) reported that Killua, the slaughtered golden retriever tested positive for rabies.

Last week, the slaughtered golden retriever named Killua was killed in Bicol. The unfortunate incident immediately went viral and elicited negative reactions from the online community.

CCTV captured the cruel fate that the dog experienced at the hands of the suspect named Anthony Solares. The culprit can be seen chasing and beating the defenseless dog who tried to escape.


According to Vina Rachelle Arazas, Killua’s fur parent, Killua went out of their gate before being chased by the suspect. Solares wielding a hard object slaughtered the poor dog in his makeshift kitchen.

Arazas suspects Solares of planning to eat the dog due to the presence of cooking equipment and coal near the scene. She also vowed to take legal action against Anthony for reportedly killing her beloved pet.

The suspect explained that he beats the dog thinking the canine might harm his daughter.


However, the fur mommy gave her side of the story and explained her golden retriever did not intend to cause any harm. Killua just jumped from their gate because it might have been stressed.

Various celebrities and famous personalities expressed their sympathy for the loss of a furry friend. Kuya Kim Atienza even described golden retrieves as the most gentle of dog breeds.

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Last weekend, the Bureau of Animal Industry conducted a test on the corpse of the golden retriever, according to PAWS Director Anna Cabrera. The agency discovered that the deceased furry friend had tested positive for rabies.

“PAWS would like to inform the public that Killua’s body tested positive for rabies and urges those who may have been scratched or bitten by the dog to immediately get post-exposure shots. This includes pet owner Vina Arazas who hugged the bloodied body of her beloved dog when she found him at a known dog slaughter area in Sta Cruz, Bato, Camarines Sur,” the statement read.

The PAWS officer quickly notified Vina Rachelle Arazas, Killua’s fur parent.

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