Baron Geisler First Daughter, Netizens Speculate This Actress Is The Mom

Baron Geisler shared intriguing information about his personal life

Actor Baron Geisler revealed that his first child is not his baby Tali, who was born in 2020, with his wife Jamie Evangelista.

The actor caught the attention of the online community when he revealed during an interview on Ogie Diaz Inspires that more than a decade ago, he had his first daughter. Baron did not mention on Ogie’s YouTube show the identity of the woman.

Veteran showbiz insider Cristy Fermin did a follow-up on this matter. She said that she knew the actress who gave birth to Baron’s first child and this happened 16 years ago. Cristy had a report about this on The Buzz back in 2008 and this created a conflict between her and the actress.

Photo Source: @baron.geisler IG

Following Baron Geisler’s confirmation about his now-teenager child, Cristy felt vindicated for her credibility in showbiz news was proven. However, she did not reveal the identity of the said actress.

In a Showbiz Update vlog that Ogie shared on March 25, he and his co-hosts Mama Loi and Tita Jegs discussed this matter. Mama Loi shared that netizens have been connecting seasoned actress Nadia Montenegro to Baron. They shared social media posts about this.

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Since Baron talked to Ogie, netizens have been asking who the mother of the actor’s first daughter was. “Kilala mo daw ba yung aktres na pinag-uusapan na ina nung panganay ni Baron Geisler,” Mama Loi said.

Ogie said that he knew who the woman was but he would not reveal her identity as a show of respect to the actor who asked him not to identify the actress. The talent manager-vlogger also shared that he saw the daughter and it can’t be denied on her face that she is the child of Baron. He also stressed that there is no need for them divulge everything about a certain artist.

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