Sharon Cuneta Hilarious Video Doing This

Netizens have these reactions in the video of Sharon Cuneta doing this in a party.

Megastar Sharon Cuneta was caught in a video “shuma-Sharon” and these are the various reactions of the people online.

Some years ago the meme “Balutin Mo Ako” featuring Megastar Sharon Cuneta, the original singer, went viral online. This viral meme was made for people who are taking home food from the buffet of parties or other events.

In 1985, the Megastar starred in the drama Bituing Walang Ningning where she portrayed the iconic role Dorina Pineda. But apart from the intense and iconic confrontation scene with Cherie Gil who said the classic line, “You’re nothing but a second-rate trying hard copycat!”, this film resurrected because of the meme.

The movie’s theme song was “Bituin Walang Ningning” and the line in particular that has been making rounds online is, “Balutin mo ako sa liwanag ng iyong pagmamahal.” 

“Balutin” in Filipino means to wrap and it’s a common practice in the Philippines for the guests to put food on their containers and some even bring containers to bring home food as takeaways. 

The Megastar is aware of this and her advice to those who take out foods from parties is: “Paalala lang po. Kung kayo po ay naimbitahan, maghintay po muna hanggang nakakain na ang lahat ng bisita bago maglabas ng mga lalagyan. Nakakahiya naman po.”

Recently, the Megastar was “Shuma-Sharon” in this video posted by Ciara Sotto. In the video, she was carrying this white plastic container and was picking food from the buffet table while singing her iconic “Balutin song”.

“Pasensya na. Happy birthday, my brother Gian. I love you and thank for my ‘balutin mo ako.’ For my babies, my husband, and my children,” Sharon said as she greeted Gian Sotto whose birthday was celebrated that day, hence, the prepared foods.

See the video below:

Here are some of the comments from the post:

Si Sharon sumasharon 😆😁😄 napa tawa tuloy ako 🤣

This is real family. I love it❤❤. Hi Sharon! Bring house pa more 😂 

The original “Sharonian” is the megastar herself, Ms Sharon! 😄😄 Love you idol Ate Shawiee!! ❤❤

😂😂😂😂 ito ang OG na shumasharon

Shumaron si mama! The OG balutin mo ako! Hahahaha

The original balot girl haha 😂 Ang cute ! 🥰

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