Kim Chiu Overwhelmed Over Support For “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”

In a post, Kim Chiu reveals what happened when her new project was launched.

Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu expressed overwhelming happiness because of the support for her “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”

The newest Viu series starring Kapamilya actors Kim Chiu and Paulo Avelino is “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” which is the Filipino title of a successful South Korean series with the same title. In a previous article, the actress shared that there is pressure on her part.

Kim feels pressured when compared to the original Secretary who is South Korean star Park Min Young. But above everything else, they are happy for the outcome of this adaptation series. There are mixed emotions but she is proud of this.

The series just got launched recently and something unexpected happened. According to Kim, she received a call from a staff of the online streaming platform and was told about what happened. She tried to access the episodes of her series but was not able to because of the number of people trying to also access the series.

It was an overwhelming number that delivered an overwhelming feeling to her.

“Just got a call from VIU staff. Kahit ako diko ma view ang mga episodes. Di daw kinaya ng app yung dami ng sabay sabay na pag access at the same time ng 12midnight,” she wrote in her post and added, “Nakakaiyak sa tuwa po.”

Meanwhile, previously, Paulo shared the reason why he accepted WWWSK. According to him, it because of his leading lady. It’s because of what she did in “Linlang” and accepting this project is his “pambawi” to her. If Kim is not his leading lady, he would have second thoughts in accepting this project.

About the people “shipping” their love team, she said, “Sometimes, we would read stuff about us on X. It’s a happy feeling that, even at our age, people are still trying to ‘ship’ us. To prove their point, they would say things about us that we would just laugh at, but we’re very thankful for their support.”

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