BDO Auto Loan May Help You Achieve Your Dream Car

Guide on BDO Auto Loan Offer Features & Application

BDO AUTO LOAN – Here are some details about the car loan offer of the reputable financing entity, BDO Unibank.

Are you looking for a bank that can help you achieve your dream car without having to make a huge cash out? BDO Unibank may be the perfect entity that you can turn to. It has an excellent loan offer with features that greatly benefit the borrower.

BDO Unibank is one of the trusted and reputable banks in the Philippines. It was first established in the country in 1968 and has continually expanded its offers which include bank accounts, credit cards, loans, investment products, insurance policies, and more.

One of the loans offered by the reputable banking firm is the BDO Auto Loan. It is open to finance several car-related purposes such as the following:

  • purchase of brand new and pre-owned vehicles for personal use
  • acquisition of brand new and pre-owened vehicles for business use
  • buying hybrid-electric and electric vehicles
  • reimbursement of brand new cars
    • Car should not be more than one (1) month old from delivery date of dealer to the owner and with a mileage of less than 2,500 kilometers

According to the bank, with regards to financing the purchase of a pre-owned car, the year model of the vehicle must not exceed six (6) years upon loan maturity. The bank boasts the BDO Auto Loan with the following features:

  • Low downpayment
  • All-In financing with an option to finance Chattel Mortgage Fees and 1st Year Motor Insurance Premium with Auto Loan
  • Multi-Year Motor Insurance Coverage
    • You may avail discounted motor insurance premium for the entire loan term. The Multi Year Motor Insurance Premium can also be computed as part of the amount to be financed.

You may avail the competitive rates of BDO Unibank. Here is a guide on the minimum loanable amount, the maximum loan term, and minimum downpayment set by the bank for financing vehicles for personal use and for business use.

Minimum Loanable AmountMaximum Loan Term Minimum Downpayment
Brand New VehiclePhp 100,0005 years20%
Pre-Owned VehiclePhp 100,0004 years30%
Minimum Loanable AmountMaximum Loan TermMinimum Downpayment
Brand New VehiclePhp 100,0003 years30%
Pre-Owned VehiclePhp 100,0002 years30%

The BDO Auto Loan is one of the fastest car loan offers when it comes to approval. Your loan application may be approved in as fast as 24 hours.

BDO Auto Loan Qualifications

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