Claudine Barretto “Relasyon” With Rod Navarro Jr.

Rod Navarro Jr. recalled what he and Claudine Barretto had in the past

Optimum Star Claudine Barretto was mentioned by Rod Navarro Jr. in an interview as they had “relasyon” in the past.

Claudine’s personal life is quite an open book to the public. She came from a showbiz clan and has older sisters who entered showbiz before her however, this did not hinder her from establishing her name as a drama actress.

With her talent, she was able to soar high and was known as one of the premier actresses of her generation.

Photo Source: @claubarretto IG

Claudine Barretto’s love life is also an open book. The public knew about her past relationships, including her reel and real-life relationship with the late Rico Yan as well as her failed marriage with Raymart Santiago.

Before these relationships happened, Claudine had a “relasyon” with the son of the late veteran actor Rod Navarro. Showbiz reporter Morly Alinio shared a recent vlog interview with Rod Navarro Jr. As a young kid during the prime of his father’s career, Rod Jr. was also frequently present on the set of certain projects.

Rod Jr. shared that when he was young, he had a puppy love with a beautiful celebrity and that was Claudine. He said that until now, he would still comment on the actress’s social media posts because they are friends.

rod navarro jr
📷: Morly Alinio YT

It was just a puppy love. Rod Jr. recalled that at that time, they were living in Tower Hotel Manila where Claudine was shooting a movie with Billy Crawford. The late Rod Navarro was also part of that movie.

Rod Jr. would go to the set with his father. He and Claudine would often spend time together back then. “Nothing serious,” he stressed. When Morly asked Rod Jr. if it was MU or mutual understanding, he said, “Parang ganun.” It was because they had been together for a long time while the shoot was taking place.

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