Megan Young Bashed For Doing This To Miss World Botswana

Fans of Miss Botswana did not like what Megan Young did

Miss World 2013 Megan Young was bashed by the fans of Miss World-Botswana Lesego Chombo because of what she did during the pageant.

Megan is the only beauty queen from the Philippines who won this beauty pageant title. Despite her reign having long ended, she would return to the pageant many times as a pageant host.

For the Miss World 2024, Megan, who is tagged “the best Miss World,” returned as one of the main hosts. A portion of the pageant did not sit well with the supporters of Miss Botswana.

megan young
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There was a point when Megan Young touched Miss Botswana’s hair to apparently fix it. However, fans of Lesego Chombo had a different interpretation of this and they bashed the Filipina celebrity.

Facebook Page Bekis of Pageantry shared screenshots of comments from Miss Botswana’s supporters claiming Megan’s gesture affected the result of the pageant. A netizen claimed that the Pinay celebrity did that to kill the candidate’s confidence and to show the judges that it was not natural and it was just a wig.

megan young miss botswana

Another netizen said that it was “witchcraft” while the other said it was “sabotage.” Here are some comments.

Many netizens also on X, formerly known as Twitter, expressed their anger and dismay to what Megan did. Here are some tweets.

The 71st edition of Miss World was held in Mumbai, India on March 9. 111 candidates from around the globe vied for the crown this year. From that number 40 were chosen from the fast track category. Then, this was trimmed down to 12 and then, 8. Krystyna Pyszková of the Czech Republic reigned supreme as she was hailed as the Miss World 2024. She replaced Karolina Bielawska of Poland.

Yasmina Zeytoun of Lebanon, Aché Abrahams of Trinidad and Tobago, and Lesego Chombo of Botswana were the three runners-up.

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