21-Year-Old Content Creator Earns P30K-P40K Monthly Selling Ice

21-Year-Old Content Creator Dubbed as Ms. Yelo Earns P30K-P40K Monthly Selling Ice

A 21-year-old content creator from Isabela is earning P30,000 to P40,000 per month from her ice-selling business.

Jodielyn Santos Ugalde, a content creator from Isabela, has gained popularity for her ice-selling business. The rising internet personality known as Ms. Yelo is reportedly earning a huge amount of cash from her new venture.

The young woman receives orders for 350 to 500 pieces of ice daily. The income from selling ice has allowed them to acquire household appliances, a delivery motorcycle, and even build their own house.

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They sell each piece of ice for P6.00, and they can produce up to 1,000 pieces in a day, which they deliver to various markets. Jodielyn expressed gratitude to her mother, who has been her life partner.

“Dahil sa yelo ang layo na ng buhay namin sa date at nabibili na namin ngayun ang mga gusto naming,” she said.

In her post, the ice vendor revealed that she is earning P65,000 to P90,000 per month. She is recording her business journey and uploading them on her social media accounts. She didn’t expect to earn instant popularity online.

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Ugalde displays the entrepreneurial spirit and resourcefulness of young individuals in finding innovative ways to generate income and improve their quality of life. Through determination and hard work, she has transformed a simple business idea into a sustainable source of income.

Jodielyn’s business idea allows her to fulfill her dreams and goals in life. She proves that with dedication and creativity, they can overcome challenges and achieve financial independence. Her journey demonstrates that age is not a barrier to entrepreneurship and that opportunities abound for those willing to grab them.

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