New Modus Operandi Called ‘Glue Ladies’ TargetS Senior Citizens at ATMs

New Modus Operandi Called ‘Glue Ladies’ Targets Senior Citizens at ATMs

A new modus operandi called “Glue Ladies” targets senior citizens who use automated teller machines (ATMs).

The suspects were using deceptive tactic that involves the use of glue to steal cash from unsuspecting elderly victims at ATMs.

The criminal approaches a senior citizen using an ATM and offers to help them with their transaction, often by suggesting that they input their PIN. While the victim enters their PIN, the suspect memorizes it, and then the card becomes stuck in the machine.

New Modus Operandi

Eventually, the suspect advises the victim to go to the bank and report the issue while they stay behind. Once the victim leaves, the suspect retrieves the ATM card, withdraws cash from a different ATM, and disappears.

In some cases, the suspect may even pretend to be a bank employee and offer assistance to the senior citizen, gaining their trust before executing the theft.

PNP-SOSIA Enforcement Management Division chief of the Special Concern Section Police Maj. Sophia Almarie Tamacay explained the modus operandi further.

Tamacay explained how the perpetrators gain the victim’s trust, either by assisting them with a deposit or by distracting them with other tasks, allowing the criminal to switch envelopes containing the victim’s money.

The official emphasized the alarming aspect that the criminals can execute their plan even if other people are present, making it difficult to detect.

New Modus Operandi

The occurrence of the “Glue Ladies” modus operandi has caused public alarm, earningvarious reactions from netizens concerned about the safety of senior citizens.

The incident reminds everyone, especially senior citizens, to be vigilant and cautious when using ATMs or engaging with strangers offering assistance. It’s important to safeguard personal information and to report any suspicious activity to authorities.

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