Jaclyn Jose Death – Andi Eigenmann Reveals Reason Of Untimely Passing

JACLYN JOSE DEATH shocked and surprised many people leaving the entertainment industry grieving and mourning over a great loss. Her contributions to the industry are valuable and her death happened so suddenly. A day after this sad news was reported, Andi Eigenmann shared the reasons behind the veteran actress’ untimely death.

Jaclyn Jose Cause Of Death, Andi Eigenmann’s Official Statement

Andi Eigenmann revealed Jaclyn Jose Cause Of Death

Jaclyn Jose Cause Of Death – Actress Andi Eigenmann has this official statement on the death of her mother.

For many years, Andi has been staying in Siargao where she started her family with surfer Philmar Alipayo. The actress chose that quiet island life but before doing that, she followed in the footsteps of her mom in the entertainment industry.

Andi, just like her mom, became an actress. She even joined Jaclyn on stage when the latter won the prestigious Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 for the movie Ma’Rosa.

jaclyn jose cause of death

During Jaclyn’s acceptance speech, she introduced Andi who was crying with tears of joy for her mom’s achievement as an actress.

Andi’s tears now are filled with grief. On March 4, based on the report from ABS-CBN News Channel, the actress officially released a statement on her mother’s death. Andi was with her half-brother Gabby Eigenmann.

andi eigenmann gabby eigenmann

She confirmed that Jaclyn died on the morning of March 2 due to a myocardial infarction or heart attack. Andi also thanked everyone who expressed their sympathy to their family amid the time of their grief.

She also asked the public to give them their needed privacy while they are dealing with this tough time for their family. Andi is hoping that her statement will put an end to the speculations surrounding the death of her mother.

Her undeniable legacy will definitely forever live on through her work, through her children, through her grandchidldren, and the many lives she’s touched. She herself, her life itself was her greatest obra maestra,” Andi Eigenmann said. The actress ended her statement with a “thank you.”

Prior to this, the Philippine National Police (PNP) released a statement saying that Jaclyn Jose’s family believed that there was no foul play in her death.

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