Groom Nearly Faints at Wedding, Hilarious Moment Goes Viral

Groom Goes Viral for Nearly Fainting During Wedding Ceremony

A groom nearly faints during a wedding ceremony, the hilarious moment goes viral, eliciting various reactions online.

A heart-stopping moment during a wedding ceremony recently quickly circulated online, as a groom appeared to nearly faint on his special day.

The Facebook page ‘Our Story Films’ shared a video of a groom who almost fainted during his own wedding. The latter reportedly experienced a dizzy spell amidst the ceremony. The post went viral and garnered various reactions online.


In the viral footage, the groom identified as Jawie, can be seen struggling to maintain his composure as the ceremony progresses. Guests surround him, attempting to wake him from his momentary lapse.

The incident left everyone on edge, but Jawie’s managed to regain his consciousness and his footing. He acknowledged the incident, easing the tension with humor and grace. Despite meticulous planning, unforeseen circumstances can happen, creating memorable yet unexpected twists in the story.

The page also reminded future couples to prepare for their big day. Sufficient provisions of food, drinks, and sugary snacks can help prevent the risk of sudden drops in blood sugar levels, which can lead to dizziness or fainting spells.


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“Hindi ako nahimatay, konti lang” – Jawie 2024

Jawie’s unexpected “himatay” moment during the ceremony yesterday left everyone on edge, but just as suddenly as it happened, he was back on his feet, declaring, “Okay na, goods na.” Despite the nervousness and tension, this unexpected turn of events became a memorable part of their story.

PS: To all couples, make sure to have enough food, drinks, and sugar on your big day to avoid surprises. Stay prepared!”

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