Rider Commits Double Traffic Violation After Entering R-10 Ramp in Port Area, Manila

Motorcycle Rider Commits Double Traffic Violation After Counterflowing in NLEX

A rider in Manila was caught on camera allegedly committing a double traffic violation after entering the R-10 ramp in the Port Area of Manila.

A motorcycle was seen speeding on an expressway late at night. At first glance, it may seem like there was nothing wrong, but upon closer inspection as the motorcycle turned, it suddenly encountered an oncoming truck.

Fortunately, the motorcycle rider and the truck did not collide and continued on their respective paths until they exited the expressway.


The North Luzon Expressway Corporation (NLEX) confirmed that the incident occurred on the R-10 ramp in the Port Area, heading towards the NLEX harbor link. This area is frequented by large trucks.

According to NLEX, they were unable to trace the motorcycle rider, but it’s possible that the rider got confused upon entering.

Robin Ignacio, Head of NLEX Corp. Traffic Operation Department, mentioned that the rider may have simply made a mistake upon entering. NLEX stated that it’s possible the motorist attempted a U-turn upon realizing that motorcycles are prohibited on the expressway.

NLEX plans to add more signs to prevent accidents. NLEX Patrol Officer Mark Archie Bahana mentioned that the rider made a mistake by taking the R-10 ramp since motorcycles with engines 400cc and below are not allowed there.

“Ang pinaguusapan po naming with out asset management baka we need to review po ‘yung signages ulit. Baka lang po hindi masyadong visible dun sa mga motorcycles,” Ignacio said.


Since the no-contact apprehension policy was not yet implemented, the rider in the video cannot be apprehended. However, NLEX warns those who attempt to counterflow on the expressway that they may be ticketed for reckless driving, with a fine of P2,000.

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