Miss Universe Organization (MUO) Releases Official Statement Regarding Viral Leaked Video

Read Miss Universe Organization (MOU) Official Statement Regarding the Viral Leaked Video Here

MISS UNIVERSE ORGANIZATION – The Miss Universe Organization (MUO) addresses the allegations of result manipulation amidst the online video leak involving owner Anne Jakrajutatip.

The Miss Universe Organization (MUO) has responded to accusations of deception and manipulation in the results of the pageant. This is related to a circulated video allegedly taken during a meeting between Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip, also known as Anne JKN, the owner of MUO, and Mexican businessman and MUO shareholder Raul Rocha Cantu.

Aside from the mentioned two individuals, there were seven other people present at the meeting. Based on the audio in the video, Anne can be heard saying, “They can compete but they cannot win.”

Photo Source: @annejkn.official IG

Anne Jakkaphong Jakrajutatip’s comment pertains to MUO’s decision to relax the qualifications of participants in the prestigious pageant. Recall that the previous Miss Universe pageant made history due to the participation of candidates who deviated from the norm. This included married individuals, those with children, those with significant weight, and those older than the usual age of participants.

MUO stated that social inclusion and female empowerment were the motives behind changing the rules of the 72-year-old pageant.

In Anne’s statement based on the circulated video, it appears that while these individuals are allowed to compete, they have no chance of winning from the beginning.

Because of this, doubts have arisen, and the credibility of the Miss Universe pageant has been tarnished in the eyes of the public.

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In the statement of the Miss Universe Organization, it stated that the released video is merely intended to smear its reputation and is manipulated to portray the individuals behind the organization in a negative light.

The statement from MUO can be seen and read on its official website.

Photo Source: Missuniverse.com
Photo Source: Missuniverse.com

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