Gloc-9 Sirena: Here’s The Deeper Meaning Of This Song For The Rapper

The song Sirena of Gloc-9 now holds a personal value for the rapper.

GLOC-9 SIRENA – This 2012 song of the famous rapper now holds a special and personal value to him and here is the story.

The 2012 hit song “Sirena” of Pinoy rapper Gloc-9 resonated with the to the LGBT community. Since the release, it became anthem of the gay community and is used in performances during events and Pride parties. The last notable one was during the finale episode of “Drag Race Philippines” season 1. 

During an interview, Gloc was asked about this song of his and the fame and it success it got and that was when he shared the story behind it. According to him, ahead of the release, he felt the fear inside him. The fear of public scrutiny and the chances that they will misunderstand his song.

He also fears that this song might make some feel insulted.

“Takot na takot dahil ayaw kong maka-insulto ng tao. Alam ko kasi nung sinulat ko ‘yan, hindi ko tsinelas o sapatos ang suot-suot ko. Ako’y nagsuot ng ibang sapatos o tsinelas,” he said.

After it was released, he unexpectedly heard a lot of comments and stories from people who can relate to the song. It resonates to more and more people through the years but he did not realize the deeper significance of this song in his life until he went through a similar situation.

“My son is gay.”

According to him, he did not know about this when he was writing this song. But despite this, nothing changed his love for him. The coming out did not make him love his son any less.

“Hindi naman ako ma-showbiz and I think para sabihin ko ito now, ako ay proud na proud sa anak. Ako ay excited sa kung ano man ang kaya niyang ma-achieve sa buhay niya,” he expressed.

This happening in his life made him also realize how life gives “hints of magic here and there” of life. He really did not know anything but regardless of anything, it’s his son. He doesn’t mind at all.

His son came out just a few years ago and he is proud of him. He loves him and that song is not a gift for himself but for his son.

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