Vilma Santos Reveals What Happened In ‘Sampalan’ Scene w/ Claudine Barretto

Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto had an iconic “sampalan” scene

Star For All Seasons Vilma Santos revealed what happened in her iconic “sampalan” scene with Optimum Star Claudine Barretto in the 2000 movie Anak.

Vilma and Claudine are among the premier actresses of their respective generation. More than two decades ago, they worked together on a movie that is still being remembered until now because of their superb performance.

During the recent talkback session at the St. Paul University-Quezon City (SPU-QC), based on the article in PEP, the veteran actress revealed how they did the scene where the younger actress had to receive slaps from her.

vilma santos claudine barretto
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Vilma Santos revealed that they shot that particular scene at 5 AM. That was the last scene they filmed.

Ang ginawa ni Direk Rory [Quintos], pinaaral niya yung buong eksena mula dun sa pinto na pinagsasasampal ko siya, nung nagalit na ako sa kanya na sinampal ko from the door,” she shared.

The Star For All Season also shared that it was just one take. From the time she started slapping Claudine Barretto until her other kids in the movie went near her. Direk Rory had a two-camera set-up.

vilma santos claudine barretto

One was for the master shot that took the whole scene while the other one was focused on following Vilma’s action. At that time, she and Claudine were not talking. Vilma was just memorizing her lines and when Direk Rory signaled that it was time to shoot, that was it.

Kaya naging memorable sa akin. Kasi if you notice, even the emotions na nailabas ko dun sa scene, tuluy-tuloy din,” she said, based on the article. Vilma added that it is important for actors to be able to have that continuity when it comes to the emotions they are giving in a certain scene. Thankfully, when digital production took place it was easier for them to have continuous take.

This is unlike before when they were using film because they had to cut at a certain part to save and then another take.

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