Luis Manzano Beautiful Proposal To Jessy Mendiola Before 2nd Wedding

Here’s how Luis Manzano proposed to Jessy Mendiola before their church wedding.

Just recently, Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola tied the knot again and before this happened, he proposed to her first.

Celebrity host Luis Manzano and actress Jessy Mendiola announced their first engagement in 2020. It has a unique story which they shared in one of their vlogs. Luis popped the question to Jessy while vacationing in Amanpulo.

However, the story of the 2020 engagement of Luis and Jessy did not have the usual story.

According to their story, the engagement was no longer a surprise for her at that time as her friend from Radiant Jewelry showed her the ring when their relationship suffered from a rough patch.

Manzano bought the ring back in September 2019 but in May 2020, they became shaky. This friend had been “badgering” Manzano to get the ring despite their situation, showed it to her, and even let her wear it. From this event, they lost the sense of excitement.

She said back then that they would never get to feel that bliss of proposal and engagement but it looks like she was wrong. Ahead of Luis and Jessy’s 2nd wedding which was held in Palawan, he proposed to her in the middle of the prenup shoot.

This moment has been shown in the vlog she recently shared.

Amid the photoshoot, Luis took a moment to do the thing. Before kneeling, he said while pulling out a box from his behind, “I never really got to propose to you di ba? That’s why, Howhow, will you marry me?”

Almost immediately, different emotions were drawn all over Jessy’s beautiful face. There was surprise, happiness, excitement, and emotional. But despite the mixed emotion, she manage to quip a joke saying “no”. Right after this, we know what happened next.

The title of her vlog is “Luis & Jessy and Rosie”.

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