Rica Peralejo Reacts To Being Called “Pretentious Christian Believer”

Rica Peralejo has a chill answer to her basher

Celebrity vlogger Rica Peralejo reacted to a netizen’s comment calling her a “pretentious Christian believer.”

Rica has been inactive in showbiz for many years already. She is now happily married to his husband Joseph Bonifacio, who is a pastor, and they are blessed with two children. Previously, she expressed how proud she is of her husband. Although Rica just seldom does showbiz engagements, she is active on social media.

The celebrity also started her YouTube channel. She would share glimpses of her life as a wife and a mother. Sometimes, Rica would also share health benefits and spiritual stuff on her channel.

rica peralejo
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Based on the article in Bandera, Rica Peralejo shared in a recent TikTok video her healthier choice when it comes to rice. A netizen asked the former actress if she still ate rice.

“Yes, I do! But mostly what I eat are brown rice or the one you are seeing is Adlai. I opt for the healthier version of rice and avoid breads (especially when they have artificial emulsifiers etc),” she answered.

She added that when she started eating healthy and exercising, it was easier for her to manage her weight gain with just minimal effort. Rica also pointed out that there is no shortcut and effortless way to be healthy because most people love to eat junk food. However, she said that shifting to a healthier diet is worth it.

Rica received positive comments for sharing her healthy lifestyle. However, there was one netizen who bashed her. “MOST PRETENTIOUS [CHRISTIAN] BELIEVER KUNO PWE,” a basher commented.

The celebrity vlogger chose to be cool in answering her basher. “The confidence I hold even when there are those who choose to believe the worst of me is that time shall tell what is true. So meanwhile sana magkapeace ka and mawala na anger in you,” she answered.

Rica Peralejo received support from other netizens as they also slammed the basher. One said that the former actress has inspiring stories about her life.

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