Cristy Fermin Answers Dominic Roque’s Statement

Cristy Fermin defended herself amid the issue with Dominic Roque

Veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin answered the statement from showbiz personality Dominic Roque and his legal team.

Cristy mentioned in her Showbiz Now Na YouTube show that her source revealed that Dominic’s condominium unit is owned by a male politician and his ex-fiancee Bea Alonzo found out about this which allegedly led to the end of their engagement.

Because of that, speculations about the identity of the male politician circulated online. Some speculated that it was Dapitan City Mayor Bullet Jalosjos while some claimed that it was Quezon City 4th District Congressman Bong Suntay.

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However, Cristy Fermin clarified in her follow-up statement that she did not mention any name and the online community just started speculating.

In a recent episode of her Cristy Ferminute show, based on the article in PEP, the veteran showbiz writer answered the Jalosjos and Suntay’s clarification and the possibility that a case will filed against reporters like her.

She pointed out that she mentioned Jalosjos and Suntay for clarification but she did not say that they are Dominic’s “benefactors.”

Nasaan po ang malisya? Nasaan po ang paninirang-puri sa ganyang kalagayan? Wala po akong nakikita,” she said. Cristy also said that the past episode of her show can be reviewed.

The showbiz writer also answered Dominic’s statement. She said that in that episode, she was with her co-hosts Romel Chika and Wendell Alvarez and they also said something about the BeaDom breakup but Dominic specifically directed his statement at her.

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Photo credit: Manila Bulletin

“Kami po, dito sa Cristy Ferminute at sa SNN, lahat po kami ay tumalakay dito, sumalat sa isyu. Nagtataka rin po ako kung bakit ang sinentruhan lamang ni Dominic Roque at ng kanyang mga abogado ay ang inyong lingkod,” the ex-fiance of Bea Alonzo said.

She explained that when the breakup issue surfaced, she mentioned other people’s belief that the wedding would not happen because Bea is wealthier than Dominic. With this, Cristy asked about Dominic’s finances.

Yung po ang nagtulak sa akin para tanungin si Dominic Roque, ‘Ano ang kanyang trabaho? Sino ang kanyang boss? At kung totoong wala siyang pera, bakit nakatira siya sa isang condominium na pagkalaki-laki po ng halaga kung uupahan?‘” Cristy said.

She pointed out that these were all questions and she found out that the condo was indeed owned by a politician.

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