Maris Racal Reveals How She Met Rico Blanco, Shares Details Of Love Story

Maris Racal On Her Love Story W/ Rico Blanco

MARIS RACAL – Here’s the love story of Kapamilya singer-actress Maris Racal and singer-songwriter Rico Blanco.

Maris Racal’s journey into the entertainment industry started with her participation in the Kapamilya reality show Pinoy Big Brother, propelling her to become one of the most sought-after actresses of her generation. Alongside her acting prowess, she has made significant strides in the music scene with chart-topping hits.

Her ability to captivate both onscreen and onstage has earned her widespread admiration, and her witty and engaging presence on social media is widely recognized.

Maris Racal and Rico Blanco

Currently, Maris Racal is romantically involved with OPM singer-songwriter Rico Blanco, and despite a notable age gap, their relationship has stood the test of time.

The couple officially confirmed their relationship in May 2021. In a previous interview, Racal shared her thoughts on weddings, acknowledging that she is not yet prepared for such commitments, a sentiment understood by Rico.

Just recently, Maris detailed their love story with Rico Blanco. She disclosed this in Vicki Belo’s vlog.

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Photo Source: @mariesteller IG

Since Valentine’s Day had just recently passed, Dr. Vicki inquired with Maris about the beginning of her relationship with Rico Blanco. Playfully, she apologized to Rico as it seemed to be the first time Maris openly shared this story.

According to her, they kept it private for two years before finally admitting they were happily in love, understanding, and harmonious, especially regarding music.

“Oh my God isi-share ko ba to? Babe, sorry!” said Maris.

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On Dra. Vicki Belo’s YouTube channel, Maris detailed how her relationship with Rico blossomed, admitting that she had a crush on him for a long time. Because of this, she supposedly prays to God for the younger version of Rico.

It started when she posted about the possibility of collaborating with an artist or musician for the songs she had written. Eventually, someone tagged Rico in Maris’s post, and it was later noticed by the person she idolized.

“Oh my God isi-share ko ba to? Babe, sorry! And then one day, bigla nalang siyang nag-aya ng hindi movie e, parang yung play ng Eraserheads. Kasi in-invite siya… kasi music event naman. Hindi pa rin halata.” “And then ako ‘yung nagsabi na, huh? Nahihiya ako! Ta’s sabi ko nalang may movie akong gustong panoorin…Ta’s hindi natuloy yung movie, nag-change yung mind ko. Punta nalang tayo sa event ni Rambo, kasi common friend namin si Rambo… Ang dami kasing nangyayari sa araw na ‘yun. ‘Punta nalang tayo sa event ni Rambo’.”

“Ang cute pa ng moment na ‘yun. Kasi si Rambo, parang kinikilig pa. Parang nagkakamabutihan sila ni Ate Maja ulet, so sobrang sabay namin together”

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