Maris Racal Says “Naiiyak ako” After Receiving Expensive Gift From Vicki Belo

The moment when Maris Racal received her first Chanel from Vicki Belo.

Kapamilya actress Maris Racal has this epic reaction when Vicki Belo gave her this bag from an expensive brand.

Gifts evoke positive emotions and whenever we receive one, it makes us feel special and valued. The gift alone is already enough to make us happy but to consider that the person thought of you instantly when he or she saw the item gives a different kind of feeling.

One of the things behind gift-giving is that is also improves relationship and create lasting memories. As for Kapamilya actress Maris Racal, the recent give she received is surely memorable as it was not just unexpected but it also marks a “first” in her life.

In the recent video of Vicki Belo, towards the end of the vlog after Maris shared her and Rico Blanco’s love story and their food crawl in Binondo, the famous doctor gave her a present. It was wrapped in a black bag and box, the familiar one from a famous luxury brand.

Upon seeing it, the actress instantly squealed in excitement.

She shared that she never thought she could have an item from the brand because of the expensive prize. Belo said, “Ako lang yung nagbibigay ng designer bags kay Maris.”

Maris Racal

Maris then recalled that the first one she received from her was from Gucci and the second one was a Bottega. The third she just recently received is from Chanel which is one of the latest styles of the brand according to Belo.

The Belo Medical group founder is always generous to her Belo babies. Previously, Vice Ganda also received an expensive bag from her.

In the same vlog, Maris narrated and shared the story of her love life. She shared with Belo how their love story started and what she did in the past that led her to Rico who is now her boyfriend.

Meanwhile, as a supportive girlfriend, here’s what Maris surprised Rico with before the concert of Rivermaya started:

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