Sharon Cuneta & Gabby Concepcion Apologized To Janice Before, Here’s Why

Janice De Belen shares the story of when Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion apologized to her.

Former married couple Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion apologized to Janice De Belen in the past and this is the reason why.

One of the biggest love teams before is ShaGab, the collective name of Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion. It is no secret that they started as a love team before becoming a real life couple. Their story led to a wedding, one of the biggest in the country, but their relationship ended in an unpleasant way.

They have a daughter KC Concepcion but they separated some year following their wedding in 1984.

In the new vlog of Snooky Serna where Janice De Belen appeared as a guest, the latter revealed something about the former couple. She picked the name “Sharon” in the game called “pick-a-name” and revealed that in the past, they’ve indeed had an issue before but all is well now between them.

It is no secret that before Sharon, it was Gabby and Janice. When they broke up, Gabby and Sharon’s story started. All is okay now and there are no problems anymore but she recalled the moment when the Megastar apologized to her on national TV. She recalled how flattered she was when the Megastar apologized to her over a small thing.

“And I remember, si Sharon actually apologized on TV, na nahiya ako kasi parang feeling ko, sobrang liit na bagay para mag-apologize siya. But she did apologize. Na-appreciate ko yon,” she said.

De Belen added, “Pero nahiya ako doon kasi hindi ko alam kung bakit kailangan niyang mag-apologize, wala naman iyon.”

She also recalled the time when she became the subject of the “marites” people before when she got pregnant with Luigi. Despite the stories circulating about her, Sharon did a nice gesture that she appreciated again. She sent her flowers and a letter to show her support for her.

Gabby is her first love but despite what happened in the past, they remained friends and she can even joke around him about this part of their lives. Gabby also apologized to her when they did Rosenda (1989). He apologized to her for the things he did that caused her pain.

They had a closure which is why they have this good friendship at the present time.

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