Aga Muhlach Says Atasha & Andres Are Not “Spoiled Kids”

Aga Muhlach talked about the lesson he shared with his kids on handling finances

Seasoned actor Aga Muhlach said that his twins Atasha and Andres Muhlach are not “spoiled kids.”

Aga is one of the most successful actors in the Philippine entertainment industry. Her married life with former beauty queen Charlene Gonzalez is also successful. They are blessed with beautiful kids who are now part of the entertainment industry.

The twins finished their college first before officially joining showbiz. Atasha took a business program in Nottingham, United Kingdom while Andres studied at an art school in Spain.

aga muhlach kids
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In a recent interview, based on the article in Bandera, Aga Muhlach shared how they trained their kids to handle their money. “Akala ng iba, iniisip nila they’re rich kids, spoiled kids. No, no, no, no!” he said.

The actor shared that Atasha and Andres had specific monthly allowances and once they spent all of these before the next allowance was given, they were not allowed to ask for more money.

Aga said that they would pay for their kids’ apartments and everything there but their “baon” for their food has a specified amount.

Monthly, I’ll tell you, 400 euros (P24,000 plus) and then that became 500 (P30,000 plus). At the most, 600 euros (P36,000 plus) 36 a month, 36,000 pesos,” he shared. The actor knows that this amount is small when it comes to the rate and standard of living abroad.

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However, they stuck on this rule and he told his kids to find ways if they were short of money. The actor shared that there was a time when Andres spent all his money and when he woke up in the morning, he had no food to eat. He saw peanut butter that was left by his parents when they visited him and that tasted so good for him because he was so hungry.

Aga Muhlach said that it was a lesson for his son that he should have stocks of food in his apartment and not spend all his allowance on other things. He said that his kids do not ask for money from them now. “Nahihiya sila,” he shared.

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