Aga Muhlach Shares Showbiz Advice For Atasha and Andres

As an A-lister, what did Aga Muhlach tell his twins about show business?

Former matinee idol Aga Muhlach has been in the industry for many decades now and this is his advice to his children.

Celebrities Aga Muhlach and Charlene Gonzalez have been in the industry for many years now. The actor has established a successful run in his show business career being a leading man for several decades now. His wife, on the other hand, apart from being a beauty queen, also had acting projects.

With the marks they left in the entertainment industry, it surely is inevitable for their children to deal with expectations and pressures. Aga and Charlene are both successful, which will be expected from Atasha and Andres, their twins who are now 22 years old.

However, it looks like no daunting is going to happen to the kids as they assure them that they will be there to guide them. They are there to support them and to give them pieces of advice on how to deal with the highs and lows of showbiz which are normally a part of it.

Advice to Atasha and Andres

As someone who is now a veteran, what Aga told his kids that there is no sure formula to be successful in this path. They have to expect that failures will happen, a lot of them, but what is important is that they won’t give up.

He stressed that no career is perfect and no artist is perfect and this is how he underlined to them the value of patience and hard work.

Aga expressed, “Kaya sabi ko, ‘You make your name, you continue to do good work, and it will come.’ At the end of all ng mga iniisip natin, ang sinasabi ko palagi, everything happens, and everything will happen in God’s perfect time.”

For someone to last long in this industry, character is important. The core of being an actor is work but what would provide them longevity is the right attitude. He told them to be real as kindness and love are the things no one can fake. If someone’s faking these, the truth will still come out of the surface.

But he knows his children and he knows that they are kind-hearted. He said, “And I think my children are kind-hearted people, kaya di ako natatakot dun. Buo ang loob ko dun.”

Atasha is currently among the hosts of “Eat Bulaga” and they are thankful to the program for welcoming his daughter. She joined show business after graduating with honors from Nottingham Trent University’s business school in London.

Andres, on the other hand, is yet to share what he wants to do but Aga hinted that he would also want to join and that “there might be an announcement soon”. He might be no stage father but his children are assure that they will have his support in whatever they want to do.

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