Is It Possible To Die From A Broken Heart? Here’s what DOH Says

Can a Broken Heart Be Fatal?

BROKEN HEART – Is it possible to die to the effects of a broken heart? Here are insights from the Department of Health.

“Heartbreak” is a term often used to describe intense emotional pain or distress that arises from the experience of a deep emotional loss or disappointment, particularly in relationships. It is commonly associated with the end of a romantic relationship, losing a loved one, or failing a significant personal connection.

The emotional distress associated with heartbreak can manifest as feelings of sadness, grief, longing, and sometimes physical symptoms like chest pain or tightness. Heartbreak is a complex and deeply emotional experience that reflects the difficulty of coping with profound emotional setbacks.

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Health Secretary Ted Herbosa, who is a medical doctor, explained that experiencing pain from emotional stress can occur due to a condition known as psychosomatic disorder. According to Herbosa, psychosomatic disorder is a psychological condition where the thoughts and emotions one experiences can manifest as physical symptoms. He cautioned that this condition has the potential to result in serious issues like heart failure.

“There are people who can really die from emotional illness,” he said, adding it should be “corrected” immediately.

Herbosa said that expressing your emotions and discovering someone attentive can be greatly beneficial.

“It’s important to talk. Kung ikaw ay isang taong may problema, humanap ka ng taong makikinig. And iyong sa mga tao naman, tenga lang ang kailangan niyo, makinig lang kayo. Makinig lang kayo. You just have to listen. Kung minsan okay na iyon. Malaking difference na,” he said.

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On Valentine’s Day, Herbosa encouraged the public to prioritize their mental well-being and emotional health.

“Makakahanap ka pa ng ibang kapalit, baka mas magaling pa,” he said in jest, addressing those who are heartbroken.

Herbosa noted that people may experience heartbreak on Valentine’s Day and during other holidays.

“All you need is to have support – psychosocial support – either from friends, family, and professionals kung talagang hindi makaya. Let’s make sure and reach out to these people na merong problems sa emotions, sa love,” he said.

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