College Student Gets Accepted for Internship After Sending 500 Applications

Diligent College Student Submits 456 Internship Applications, Gets Accepted After 4 Months

INTERNSHIP – A college student gets accepted after four months of sending out nearly 500 internship applications.

Oliver Wu, a college junior at the University of Michigan studying computer science, recently achieved a great milestone in his academic journey. Despite facing numerous rejections, his perseverance finally paid off when he secured an internship position at Ford.

Wu’s inspiring story began with a TikTok post on January 11, 2024, where he shared his journey of applying for internships. He revealed that he had sent out nearly 500 internship applications over four months, resulting in 56 interviews and countless sleepless nights.

College Student

In his TikTok video, Wu displayed an Excel document listing the status of all his internship applications, accompanied by the caption, “456 applications, 56 interviews, and 0 sleep in 4 months, all for 1 internship.” The video quickly went viral, earning over 3.1 million views.

Despite the huge number of rejections, Wu remained focused on his goal of securing a career in the tech industry. He actively participated in extracurricular activities, including involvement in the Asian-American community and playing volleyball.

The college student emphasized the importance of planning for his future career early on. He began applying for internships in July and developed a systematic approach to his job search, sending out 15-20 applications daily.

College Student

Wu diligently practiced his technical interview skills and sought opportunities to improve his qualifications. Despite facing numerous frustrations, he maintained a positive attitude through the challenges.

Eventually, his determination finally paid off when he received an internship offer from Ford. Recalling the moment he received the good news, he felt an overwhelming sense of joy and excitement.

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The young man also offered tips and advice to fellow students managing the internship application process. He emphasized the importance of staying resilient in the face of rejection.

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