Grade 12 Student Sells Sampaguita for Extra Income After Class

Grade 12 Student Earns Praise for Selling Sampaguita After Class

QUEZON CITY – A grade 12 student decided to sell Sampaguita after his class to earn extra money to support his studies.

Working students are individuals who balance their academic pursuits with part-time or full-time employment. These students often hold jobs to help finance their education, support themselves financially, or contribute to their family’s income.

The lives of working students are characterized by a unique set of challenges and responsibilities. They must manage their time to balance both their work commitments and academic obligations.

Grade 12 Student

This often means juggling classes, assignments, and exams alongside job shifts and other work-related responsibilities.

Financial pressures are a huge concern for working students. They may struggle to afford tuition fees, textbooks, school supplies, and other educational expenses. They also face the challenge of balancing their earnings between educational costs and personal expenses, such as rent, groceries, and transportation.

On Thursday afternoon (February 1, 2024), a Facebook user Noel B. Pabalate shared photos of a Grade 12 student who was spotted selling sampaguita along Quezon Ave. in Quezon City. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Grade 12 Student

The student shared that he engages in selling these flowers after his classes to earn extra money to support his studies. The student’s dedication to his education is visible in his decision to work after school hours.

Selling Sampaguita helps him to contribute to his family’s income and meet the financial demands of his education.

Grade 12 Student

His commitment to balancing work and studies portrays the challenges faced by many students who strive to pursue their academic goals despite financial constraints. By taking the initiative and being proactive in seeking additional income, this student displays resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles to achieve his goals.

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Grade 12 Student

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