Employees of Government Offices w/ Pleasing Personalities Really Set An Edge for these Agencies

Government May Conduct Trainings To Boost More Pleasing Delivery of Services to the Public

It is undeniably an edge in building good impressions from clients if government offices have employees with pleasing personalities.

In the Philippines, there are several government agencies and institutions. Thus, a huge part of the Filipino populace are members of the workforce of the public sector. Some are working in city and municipal halls while there are also those who are employed in government agencies like the Social Security System (SSS), the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the Pag-IBIG Fund, and many others.

Employees of Government Offices
Photo Credit: The New York Times

Government employees are among those that cater services to a lot of individuals daily. Every day, there are many Filipino who process certain transactions from time to time. The employees are dealing with countless individuals and, unconsciously, they are an image of the offices that they work for.

Truth be told that while it may be unnoticeable at times. the way the employees approach the clients really have a huge impact. They can be the face of the entire office to a Filipino who is seeking for a specific service.

A government office with pleasing personalities can really hook the attention of the clients and can pave the way for a good relationship between the office and the people seeking for their services.

On the other side, an office having employees that are mad and seemed to be unhappy to be at the end line of the delivery of services also bring a negative image to the agency. This is where the point of how the employees deliver the services sets in.

I understand that not everyone has the same level of being approachable or, at least, vocal in orienting a client about a specific service. In this case, I believe that trainings that can help the workers develop a more pleasing personality that they can use in the fulfillment of their duties would be helpful.

Truth be told that there were a lot of cases in the past about Filipinos expressing their disappointment over government employees that offer services served in a cold manner. While personalities vary, how one can approach people coming from different walks of life must matter in seeking for a person to fill a post most especially those who are really bound to talk to clients.

After all, the Filipino people undeniably deserve the best services from the government and these must include how they are handed to us.

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