Dimples Romana Shares Thoughts On Cosmetic Enhancements

Dimples Romana talked about taking care of herself

Actress Dimples Romana shared her thoughts on undergoing cosmetic enhancements for physical improvements.

Dimples has been in the entertainment industry for more than two decades already. She started young as an actress and now she already does mother roles but her youthful glow remains.

In a recent interview, based on the article in PEP, Dimples was asked if she ever thought of going under the knife.

dimples romana
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The actress said that she is into facials and when it comes to invasive procedures, she can’t imagine herself doing it. “Never po ako. Never. Kasi takot ako sa needles,” Dimples Romana said.

She explained that she is not against cosmetic enhancements because it is a prerogative of a person to do it. “Personally lang, hindi ako fan,” the actress added.

Dimples also shared that she is with a clinic and the daughter of her doctor would always tell her to go there. However, she would just do facials once a month or once every two months. That is how seldom she goes to the clinic.

On the other hand, the actress said this is the reason why she has to take care of her skin even at home only. Even though she does not go to clinics most of the time, she has a proactive skin-care routine.

With her years in showbiz, Dimples shared that she has done roles that required her to be in an inconvenient location. Despite those kinds of roles, she is proud that she did a good job in taking care of her skin.

Kasi lahat ng teleserye ko, mansiyon ang ano, ah, kadalasan nga yung mga una-una ko, parang talagang sa dirt kami, sa bukid kami.And yet, I take pride in taking care of my skin, and that shows kahit ilang dekada na ako nagtatrabaho,” she said.

For Dimples Romana, prevention is very important. She said that when one grows old, it would be more difficult to correct something.

Meanwhile, the actress just recently shared how her best friend Angel Locsin has been. She said that the “real life Darna” is doing fine and enjoying her life away from the glitz and glamour of showbiz.

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