Kim Chiu Expresses Appreciation For Bela Padilla

What a strong friendship! Here’s the appreciation post Kim Chiu shared for “Momsy Bely”.

ABS-CBN artist-host Kim Chiu shares a lengthy appreciation post on her IG account for her close friends Bela Padilla.

“Friendship never ends” is best applied to the kind of friendship of Bela Padilla, Kim Chiu, and Angelica Panganiban. Their trio is called “AngBeKi” whose friendship has already been tried and tested by time.

It all started in 2017 when they met each other accidentally and since then, they have become inseparable.

For years, they have been celebrating milestones together, making new memories, and even present for each other during the toughest of times. Recently, Panganiban held an intimate ceremony in Los Angeles, California and among the guests of this intimate event are Chiu and Padilla.

They have always been supportive of each other. And in a new post of Kim, she expressed her appreciation for her Momsy Bely.

Kim appreciates Bela

In her post, Kim described her friend as her “sister from another father” and “twin from another mother”. She thanked her friend for making that LA trip extra memorable because of everything that they did together.

She wrote, “No judgment, no questions, no dramas. you just let me be ME. 5 days felt like one month with you!”

As “Tauruean twin”, their [respective energy matches each other as they both like to do everything all at once. It was full of adventure and “chikahan” but to sum up everything, she accordingly had the best time.

Towards the end of the post, she added, “What a way to end the year!!! Thank you, momsy! I am forever grateful for this kind of friendship!”

See the full post below:

Their trio also have the similar love for traveling. Last September, when Bela’s father died, Kim was there for her during her moment of sorrow. She appreciated Kim’s effort to fly alone to get to her and be with her in this sad time of her life. It also made her proud as a friend as she showed her willingness to explore new things.

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