Diego Loyzaga Shows Screenshots Amid Issue With Baby’s Mother

The mother of the baby of Diego Loyzaga surfaces and the actor has shared these amid the issue.

Actor-model Diego Loyzaga is currently facing issues following the revelations of his partner and here’s what he shared amid this.

Is it true that Diego Loyzaga kicked out his child and baby mama for another girl?

This was the story the mother of his child came out with when she revealed herself to the public. Alexis Suapengco, the mother of the actor’s child, shared some revelations in a series of posts about the actor and what he did to them.

The revelations caught the attention of many people online and Alexis claimed that he kicked them out of his house so his new girlfriend could come over. She even further revealed in her posts that Diego is a liar and is “never sober”.

Diego Loyzaga

“SO MY BABY DADDY @diegoloyzaga decided to kick me out and his baby out of his house so this girl can come over,” Alexis posted.

In a previous article, Diego said he was not denying anything but retaliated in one of her posts. In one particular post, she accused the actor of threatening her regarding support. She claimed that he won’t accordingly provide for their daughter if she won’t take down her posts to which Diego reacted.

In a new post, the actor stressed again that he is not denying anything but it is not true that he threatened to stop providing for their child. He said that their baby will be “taken care of definitely”.

The actor added more posts including the conversations he had with someone and the one he had with his former partner.

See below:

Diego Loyzaga
Diego Loyzaga

To recall, the actor expressed before that he does not believe in marriage. Diego’s view of marriage amused many as he accordingly does not believe in the value of it stating that it is just a piece of paper.

He believes that this would still change but for now, this is what he believes in.

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