SSS Calamity Loan 2024 Application Process — A Guide for Members

How To Apply for SSS Calamity Loan 2024 Offer for Qualified Members

SSS CALAMITY LOAN 2024 – Here are the details about the Calamity Loan offer of the Social Security System and its application process.

One of the huge benefits of being a member of the Social Security System who has an active and updated account is that you have somthing to turn in times of need for financial solutions. These include instances of unemployment, sickness, calamity, disability, and a lot more.

Social Security System (SSS)
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In times of calamity, the members of the Social Security System may apply for the SSS Calamity Loan offer of the state-run social insurance agency. The amount that can be borrowed under the offer can greatly help in recovering from the damages caused by the natural disaster.

The loan offer is up for the SSS members living or working in areas left under a State of Calamity. It may be due to an earthquake, a typhoon, a tsunami, a storm surge, a La Niña or El Niño phenomena, etc.

SSS Calamity Loan 2024
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The borrowing amount under the SSS Calamity Loan offer varies depending on the monthly salary credit (MSC) of the member-borrower. The amount borrowed is subject to the SSS Calamity Loan interest rate set by the state-run social insurance institution until the loan is fully paid.

Under the offer, a member may repay the loan for up to two (2) years or 24 equal monthly installments. There is an easy process for the SSS Calamity Loan 2024 application. You may follow these steps below to ensure a smooth flow:

Step 1 — Check the qualifications set by SSS under its Calamity Loan offer. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements to ensure your eligibility for the loan offer.

  • a minimum of 24 monthly contributions posted and three (3) of which must have been posted within the last 12-month period before the month of filing of loan application
  • at least 60 years old upon the filing of the loan application
  • not a recipient of any final SSS benefit nor was refunded SSS contributions
  • has updated payments in case of existing loans with the SSS

Step 2 — Prepare the SSS Calamity Loan requirements depending if you are the member-borrower who will file the loan application, it will be filed by an authorized representative, or you are filing the loan application for another SSS member.

Step 3 — Go to SSS and submit the documentary requirements. Wait for a notification or update from the state-run social insurance agency.

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