How To Apply for Landbank Business Loan for Working Capital & Liquidity Support Facilities

Guide on How To Apply for Landbank Business Loan Offer

HOW TO APPLY FOR LANDBANK BUSINESS LOAN – Here is a guide in applying for Landbank loan for working capital and liquidity support facilities.

Are you one of the many Filipinos who plan of putting up a business? Many people want to do business after seeing others growing their money several folds following the success of their business. While this involves a huge risk, a well-studied business can really get you to a different financial state in life.

However, what usually keeps people from pushing through a business is the lack of support for the working capital. It is best to have a sufficient one to really see the effectiveness and profitability of your chosen business.

Meanwhile, nowadays, borrowing from people you know for the working capital is not the only choice. There are entities that you can turn just like banks for business loan offers.

The Landbank of the Philippines is one of the banks that you may turn to. The government bank offers a business loan for the working capital and liquidity support facilities. Here are the easy steps in applying for it:

  • Step 1 — Check your eligibility to the bank. The offer is open for sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations and is ready to assist businesses in agriculture field, manufacturing, trading, and services.
  • Step 2 — Prepare the requirements. The pre-processing requirements in applying for the loan offer depend if you are applying as a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation.
  • Step 3 — Go to Landbank. Visit a branch of the Landbank of the Philippines nearest to you and submit your documents. Wait for an update from the bank.

The Landbank of the Philippines has several offers under its business loan offer — Short Term Loan Line, Import/Domestic Letter of Credit (LC) / Trust Receipt (TR) Line, Domestic Standby LC Line, and Domestic Bills Purchase Line.

Landbank Business Loan

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