How To File SSS Funeral Benefit Claim — A Complete Guide

Details on How To File SSS Funeral Benefit Claim Application

Here is a guide on how to file an SSS Funeral Benefit claim to the Social Security System depending if you are also an SSS member or not.

One of the social insurance giants in the Philippines is the Social Security System, more popularly called SSS. It has millions of members composed of locally-employed and self-employed members, voluntary members, and overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

There is a huge advantage in maintaining an active membership to the SSS. You don’t only have something to turn to in times of sickness, unemployment, and disability. There is also a peace of mind that your family or loved ones has something to turn to when you pass away.

One of the benefit offers of the Social Security System is the SSS Funeral Benefit. It is open for the family of deceased members who have posted at least one (1) monthly contribution prior to the month of their death.

The said benefit claim may be filed by the family of the deceased member or anyone who paid for the funeral expenses of the late member. However, it is important to note that the SSS gives priority to the surviving spouse over other claimants.

How to file SSS Funeral Benefit claim? The process depends if the claimant is an SSS member, too, or not.

  • If the claimant is also a member of the Social Security System, the claim may be filed online through the My.SSS account at
  • If the claimant is not a member of the SSS, the claim application may be personally filed at a branch of the Social Security System.
SSS Funeral Benefit

The SSS Funeral Benefit claim must be filed within 10 years since the death of the qualified member to avoid rejection from the state-run social insurance institution. All the receipts and invoices regarding the funeral expenses must be kept.

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