Ogie Diaz Slams Liza Soberano’s Father Fiery Statement

Liza Soberano’s father criticized Ogie Diaz

Talent manager-vlogger Ogie Diaz fired back at John Soberano, the father of actress Liza Soberano.

Ogie was the previous manager of Liza. When they separated ways, controversies surfaced. The actress was criticized for allegedly sounding ungrateful to her former manager and the people who helped her in her career in interviews, like in her controversial podcast interview back in May.

However, John contradicted this and defended his daughter. In recent social media posts, he attacked the talent manager vlogger.

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Liza Soberano’s father said that Ogie Diaz should return to selling “turon” and stop commenting on other people’s lives. Aside from the talent manager-vlogger, John Soberano also shared a post criticizing veteran showbiz writer Cristy Fermin.

The actress’s father said that Liza is being kind to Cristy but this is not the same thing for him because he would say fiery statements. “You all woke up the beast,” John stated in his post.

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In his recent Showbiz Update vlog, based on Newsko, Ogie Diaz answered John Soberano. “Iyong daddy ni Liza Soberano, sa kasagsagan ng split up nina Daniel Padilla at Kathryn Bernardo ako naman ang kanyang binembang. Actually kaming dalawa ni Ate Cristy (Fermin) ito,” he said.

The talent manager-vlogger wondered why John had attacked them when they had done nothing against him. “Pinakialaman namin ang buhay mo recently daddy? Ang pinag-uusapan na ngayon at pinag-uusapan ng buong mundo ay ‘yung pagtatapos ng relasyon ng KathNiel. Asan ka doon? Asan ang anak mo doon? O ikaw ang magsabi asaan?” he said.

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Ogie’s co-host Mama Loi mentioned that John did not continue his threat to have a social media live, instead, he deleted his post. The talent manager-vlogger said that he is not threatened if Liza’s father would have his social media live. He said that John should wait also for his reply if the live happened.

Kung nanatili akong nagtitinda ng turon ngayon wala si Liza sa kinalalagyan nya hindi mo ba na-realize ‘yon Daddy?” Ogie Diaz asked John Soberano.

Previously, Ogie also fired back at John saying that no one is making enemies with Liza and he should promote positivity in his life.

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