Landbank Home Loan Minimum & Maximum Loanable Amounts for Clients

Guide on Landbank Home Loan Offer — How Much You May Borrow

Here are Landbank Home Loan offer’s minimum and maximum loanable amounts for the clients based on the employment status.

In the Philippines, banks are among the entities that you can turn to for loans. In fact, most banks in the country have multiple loan offers that are not only open for the salaried individuals but as well as the self-employed ones or those who are running businesses of their own.

There are private banks as well as government banks in the country. One of the latter is the Landbank of the Philippines. Its offers encompass savings and checking accounts, credit cards, loans, and other financial offers.

One of the loans offered by the government bank is the Landbank Easy Home Loan offer. It can finance the acquisition of vacant lot, house and lot, townhouse, and other residential properties as well as house construction and home renovation. It also open to refinance an existing loan to another bank or lender.

How much you may borrow from the Landbank of the Philippines? The Landbank Home Loan minimum loanable amount is Php 500,000.00. With regards to the maximum amount that you may borrow, the considerations set by the bank depending on whether you are a private applicant or a government employee.

Landbank assess the capacity of the individual borrower and his/her spouse if he/she is married. It considers the 30% of the verified Gross Monthly Income of the private applicant’s gross monthly income.

The government bank bases the borrowing capacity of the client on the amount required by the GAA or the General Appropriations Act after the housing loan amortization is deducted.

Landbank Home Loan Requirements

With regards to the loan term under the loan offer of the Landbank of the Philippines, the government entity allows a maximum repayment of up to 20 years. However, the combined age of the borrower and the chosen loan term must not go beyond 65 years old.

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