Charo Santos Opens Up About Death Of Her Husband

Here’s what Charo Santos revealed about her husband.

Veteran actress Charo Santos opens up about her husband’s death and what she learned in their relationship.

20 days before turning 92 years old, businessman Cesar Concio Jr. died. He is the husband of actress and media executive Charo Santos-Concio. He was already 91 years old and the reason for his death has not been disclosed.

They have been married for almost 41 years and before, Charo and Cesar’s wedding was kept as a secret. It was hidden because they knew that in their society, this event was going to create so many issues.

A couple of months after her husband’s death has been reported, the veteran actress finally opened up about him and this most difficult stage of her life. According to her, he had this lingering illness when he was still alive.

Before he died, they had already talked through the reality of him passing away ahead of her. And what he has told was: ‘Mom, it’s okay, mauuna lang ako, balang araw magkikita rin tayo.’

She felt this and even though he has already passed away, she can still feel his presence. She knows that he is just around the corner guiding her and happy with what she has been doing. The veteran actress also believes that they are going to meet soon.

“Sabi niya, ang kamatayan ay parte ng buhay. Wala ngang permanente, hindi ba? We will all get there so dapat maluwag sa dibdib ang pagtanggap natin. We treasure every moment with our loved ones kasi hindi natin alam kung kailan mawawala ‘yung mga mahal natin sa buhay. Pahalagahan natin ang bawat oras na kasama natin sila,” she said.

In their marriage, one thing she learned from him is unconditional love. She recalled that day when she became his wife and did the “wifely duties” for him like making his breakfast and coffee and stuff like that but he refused to let her do that. According to him, before she married him, she was her own person with dreams and aspirations.

According to her, his words were: ‘Mom, maraming salamat sa paggising mo ng maaga. Pero ito ang tandaan mo before you are a wife, or a mother, you are a person with your own dreams, with your aspirations. You were gifted by the good Lord with talents and skills that you can develop pursue your dreams’.

He respected her and did not box her. He let her pursue her dreams and was never threatened with her success. And during the time he was sick, for her, it was never a burden. It was never a burden to her to take care of him and this is because of the unconditional love she learned from him.

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