DSWD Death & Burial Cash Assistance — Here’s How Much Recipients Get

Details about the DSWD Death & Burial Cash Assistance Benefits for Claimants

DSWD DEATH & BURIAL CASH ASSISTANCE – Here is a guide on how much the recipients will receive under the cash aid offer of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

The birth of a new person and the death of one are among the constant things in the world. Daily, a lot of babies are being born and many people also die due to different circumstances — old age, diseases, accidents, etc.

While giving birth requires the parents to prepare a huge amount of money, death also calls for the same for the bereaved family when a member dies. The burial costs nowadays are not a joke. If you want a decent burial for your loved one, it will cost thousands of many which many are unfortunately unprepared of.

The unpreparedness of the family left behind may stem from living in poverty to huge expenses when the deceased was hospitalized for a long time prior to death. Recognizing the huge challenge, there are government agencies that made sure the bereaved family of indigents have something to turn to amid the financially and emotionally challenging period of their lives.

One of these government agencies is the Department of Social Welfare and Development. More popularly called DSWD, it offers a Death and Burial Cash Assistance for indigent families who lose their ones in natural causes like illness or old age.

Under it, the family of the deceased person may receive as much as Php 10,000 which can be of great help to augment the expenses for funeral services, casket, burial plot, transportation, etc.

Through the DSWD Death and Burial Cash Assistance offer, the government agency wants to ease the financial burden on the part of the bereaved family who is in the pursuit of giving their beloved a decent and memorable final goodbyes.

Requirements for DSWD Death and Burial Cash Assistance ads

In applying for the cash assistance offer, there are documents that must be submitted by any member of the bereaved family. It will be used in the evaluation of the application.

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