Rendon Labador to Surging Egg Prices: “Ibaba ang presyo ng itlog”

Rendon Labador Speaks Out Against Soaring Egg Prices

RENDON LABADOR – The self-proclaimed motivational speaker reacts to the surging egg prices: “Ibaba ninyo ang presyo ng itlog”.

On his Facebook account, the social media personality Rendon Labador expressed his frustration regarding the increasing prices of eggs. Labador raised his concern about the impact of these rising costs, particularly on the fitness industry and our less fortunate fellow citizens.

Labador voiced his concern, saying, “Nagagalit ako kasi ang taas na ng presyo ng itlog. Hindi na kami papayag. Apektado ‘yung fitness industry lalung-lalo na yung mga mahihirap nating kababayan.”

Rendon Labador

The internet personality emphasized that although he usually keeps quiet in the gym, he cannot accept the situation and urged action to find a solution. He wanted the government to find a way to lower the egg prices.

Nananahimik ako sa gym eh. Pero ‘pag ganito, hindi ako makapapayag na ganito ‘yung mangyayari sa’tin. Gawan niyo ng paraan ‘yan. Gawin ninyo ang lahat para mapababa ang presyo ng itlog,” he added.

Labador explained that eggs are an important part of many people’s diets, especially those focusing on fitness and health. The higher prices could affect the nutritional choices and affordability of individuals who rely on eggs as a primary protein source.

The public figure encourages everyone to unite and take steps to ease the burden on consumers, particularly those who are economically disadvantaged.

The United Broiler Raisers Association (UBRA) and Philippine Egg Board (PEB) reported that the surging egg prices were due to a decline in production and expected high demand during the Christmas season.

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The raised egg prices will persist until the first semester of 2024. Medium-sized eggs will cost P8.50 each, according to the Department of Agriculture. Egg prices in local supermarkets will vary based on their size.

Rendon Labador

The social media users expressed their reactions to Rendon Labador’s plea:

Rendon Labador

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