Miss Universe Philippines Statement On Michelle Dee’s Viral Video

Miss Universe Philippines clarified what happened during Michelle Dee’s media guesting in Mexico

The Miss Universe Philippines Organization released a statement on the viral video showing that Michelle Dee left during her first media guesting after the coronation night.

Michelle shared that after the coronation, she was set to go to Mexico as she was invited to be there. Her first media guesting after the pageant happened there. However, this became controversial.

A video clip from that guesting circulated online. It can be seen in the video that Michelle was escorted out while other candidates, including Miss Universe owner Khun Anne or Anne Jakrajutatip, were lining up.

michelle dee Miss Universe Philippines
📷: @themissuniverseph IG

This garnered speculations that Michelle Dee was asked to leave. However, in a social media comment, the Filipina beauty queen said that she was not feeling well at that time so she went back to her hotel room.

On the other hand, a screenshot of that comment showed that it was followed by “IYKYK” or “if you know, you know” which fueled the speculation that something bad happened. Reportedly, that was deleted afterward.

michelle dee
📷: via @AltGMA X

Following that controversial video that circulated on social media, the Miss Universe Philippines Organization released a statement debunking the speculations. It was said that the segment in the TV guesting was done after Michelle exited.

She excused herself to drink water because she was not feeling well because of her hectic schedule. When the MUPH team saw her condition, they opted to bring her back to her room to rest. The Philippine pageant organization also said that Michelle hopes to join the city tour.

In the comment section, many Pinoy pageant fans expressed that they want Michelle Dee to go home already because she will be appreciated here. “Pauwiin nyo na po si Queem MMD..mas maaapreciate xa ng mga kababayan nya dito kesa sa balwarte ni Marimar..” Instagram user @sydney_1126 commented.

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