Michelle Dee Left During First Media Guesting After Miss U: “IYKYK”

A video taken during the first media guesting of Michelle Dee circulated online

Filipina beauty queen Michelle Dee was seen leaving during her first media guesting after the Miss Universe 2023 pageant.

Michelle was one of the Top 10 finalists in the most prestigious beauty pageant in the world. Many Pinoy fans thought that she was more than deserving to be in the Top 5. As she ended her journey, different posts from Miss Universe El Salvador stirred controversy.

The first post showed that Michelle was included in the Top 5 but in the second post, her name was taken and it was replaced by Miss Thailand.

michelle dee
📷: via @AltGMA X

With that decision, Michelle Dee expressed that she regretted that she was not able to hold the microphone for the question and answer portion because she knew she could do well in this aspect of the contest.

After the pageant, Michelle and other Miss Universe candidates had their first media guesting with the pageant owner Thai businesswoman Anne Jakapong Jakrajutatip.

A video clip of this guesting was posted on X by user @AltGMA. It can be seen that Michelle, other candidates and Anne were at apparently a TV studio. Then, Anne was seen speaking and a woman approached her. They talked closely with the man beside Anne.

Then, the woman went out of the stage area. She came back and this time she approached Michelle. Another woman approached Michelle and they assisted the Filipina beauty queen as she got out of the stage area.

This created controversial comments from Pinoy pageant fans. Some believed that Michelle was humiliated. However, a fan shared a screenshot of Michelle’s message regarding this incident.

The beauty queen said that she was not feeling well at that time and so she chose to go back to her hotel room. However, her following message was “IYKYK” which is an abbreviation of “if you know, you know.”

michelle dee message
📷: via @his_jer X

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