Mandatory PTA Contributions for School Facilities — Added Burden To Poor Parents

Reports about Mandatory PTA Contributions Reach Senator Tulfo

Not all parents have sufficient financial resources thus mandatory PTA contributions is another burden to them.

PTA or the Parents and Teachers Association in schools in the Philippines is surely a familiar thing to countless Filipino parents and students. In most elementary and secondary schools, there are PTA officers in the classroom, in the year level, and the school as a whole.

Mandatory PTA Contributions for School Facilities
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I recognize the efforts of hardworking and passionate parents and teachers who go out of their way to fulfill their PTA obligations. They launch projects for the benefit of the students as well as activities that help in the honing of their children.

Truth be told that, in most cases, PTA funds projects such as the purchase of electric fans inside the classroom, the renovation of the comfort rooms inside the classroom, and several other classroom-based projects. I believe the moves are considering the comfort of the students as well as the classroom’s conduciveness for learning.

However, recently, Senator Raffy Tulfo showed a long list of parents who are complaining about the PTA fees collection in the schools of their children being mandatory. The funds will supposedly be used for the purchase of school appliances and supplies while others are for the salary of the school janitors and guards.

On this matter, it is my humble opinion that PTA contributions must not be mandatory in schools. Truth be told that not all parents have the same financial status in life. In fact, in the case of a lot of Filipino families, many parents can hardly put food in the table every day. There must be no denying to the fact that the cost of living in PH now is high. The prices of goods and commodities are sky-rising, too.

While mandatory PTA contributions is an additional burden to a lot of Filipino parents, in the case of students, missing the payment and being constantly reminded in school can put them in an embarrassing situation. It may negatively affect the student’s enthusiasm to report to school every day.

I believe that there is also an obligation resting on the government to provide the students in public schools with spaces that are conducive for learning. The school administrations must work together with the government in achieving the goal of making learning a comfortable and enjoyable journey for the students.

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