GSW’s Draymond Green Got Kicked in the Groin, Slams NBA

Draymond Green Slams NBA After Being Kicked in the Groin

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green slammed the NBA after being kicked in the groin during game against Cleveland Cavaliers.

Draymond Green tumbled and struggled to rise after accidentally taking a hit in the groin while vying for a rebound in the game between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Jarrett Allen unintentionally struck Green’s sensitive area, causing him significant pain and leaving him unable to stand.

Draymond Green Groin

After being accidentally kicked, Green just lay down and was struggling to stand up because of the pain. His teammates quickly gathered around him after noticing his difficulty in standing up.

Meanwhile, considering his history of similar situations, going it easy on Green was hardly what piqued NBA fans’ interest after the video went viral. The wave of jokes, as predicted, focused on the four-time champion’s questionable past.

Recalling instances such as Green’s prior contact below the belt with LeBron James in the same arena, as well as kicking tough player Steven Adams during his time with the Thunder, only fueled the online conversation. Green was suspended during the NBA Finals.

Some online users perceived the incident as karma or irony. In response to this, Green highlighted what he saw as a double standard, noting that Jarrett Allen did not face similar repercussions as he had in previous instances.

“The Draymond Green Rule is only a rule when Draymond Green is delivering… cool,” Green said on Instagram.

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