Solenn Heussaff and Family Move To Their New Home, Here’s A Peek

Couple Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico finally move to their new house.

In the latest vlog on the channel of Solenn Heussaff, she shared some little details of what they do before finally moving in.

Casa SosBolz is finally ready to be occupied by the Bolzico family. In the latest vlog on Solenn Heussaff’s channel, she shared some of the details they did to finally make their new home safe, clean, cozy, complete with everything they need, and livable.

It took a long time for the home to finally be complete but the long wait is over and it is worth it.

In the past video, Solenn has been sharing how they are completing their new family home and who they are working with to finish this project. In the updates they shared, they were specific to mention the different brands that helped them finish the house.

And in the latest update, Solenn shared what they did. The first thing she did was hire a group of professional cleaners to make sure the house was clean from everything that it accumulated during the building.

She also worked with a group of professional organizers to help her organize the stuff she owns. She has a lot of clothes, shoes, and other things, and getting these organizers was very helpful to her.

Solenn expressed that she can do it but with the amount of things that need to be transferred and organized, she would need extra hands. She also worked with other people to help her improve certain corners of her house from the things to use for display to the things that function well when it comes to organizing certain objects.

From the way she is explaining things, one can tell that she is really hands-on in this whole process of building and completing the house.

Meanwhile, their house was built on a huge and spacious property. It has a swimming pool outside and the garden on their front is making her “plantita” dream come true.

“After months of work moving in and ready to share our tips and materials we found along the way!” she wrote in the caption of their video.

Check out her latest post below:

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