Andrea Brillantes Shares Post About “Karma”

Andrea Brillantes had these intriguing posts

Kapamilya actress Andrea Brillantes shared a post about “karma” amid the recent issue between her and her ex-boyfriend basketball player Ricci Rivero.

Andrea is one of the most talked-about celebrities these past few days. She is among the most popular young actresses of this generation. However, intrigues came with her popularity.

This is because of the resurfacing of the issue between her and Ricci. The issue came after the basketball player confirmed his relationship with Los Banos councilor Leren Mae Bautista.

andrea brillantes
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Andrea and Ricci’s breakup was quite controversial. The latter was accused of cheating on the actress.

Following Ricci and Leren Mae’s relationship confirmation, the couple received a massive amount of bashing. Fans of Andrea Brillantes showed support for her. The couple also defended themselves against the bashing, just like Ricci slammed Andrea’s friend Bea Borres when she shared cryptic posts.

Amid the issue, the actress also shared an intriguing post about someone who paints her as a villain.

Just recently, the actress once again shared intriguing posts. Based on the article in Balita, Andrea shared a post from a Facebook user. The post stated, “I don’t wish bad on anyone, but you reap what you sow in life. You don’t treat people bad and expect to love a good life.”

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via Balita

The actress said that she created her aesthetic version. It can be noticed that the actress revised the post by adding the Taylor Swift “Karma” song and put the word “karma” in the middle. Then, she wrote, “You’re terrified to look down.”

via Balita

Meanwhile, Andrea Brillantes was accused of accepting bookings with different guys. Her friend Bea Borres reacted to this. Bea reposted a netizen’s post that there had been TikTok posts claiming that Andrea accepts bookings and she simply said, “fake news.”

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