EJ Obiena Recieves Apology form Doping Accuser Anais Lavillenie

Anais Lavillenie Issue Public Apology tp EJ Obiena After Doping Accusations

Filipino pole vaulter EJ Obiena received an apology from Anais Lavillenie after allegedly accused of doping.

On Thursday, EJ Obiena, the Filipino Olympian and pole vaulter, disclosed that he received an apology from Anais Lavillenie, the wife of fellow pole vaulter Renaud Lavillenie, who had previously accused him of ‘doping’ on social media.

Obiena shared a letter signed by Anais on his official Facebook page. In the letter, Anais extended her apologies for the accusation she had made against him and his coach, Vitaliy Petrov.

EJ Obiena Anais Apology

She expressed remorse in the letter, acknowledging her mistake in making and posting the comment, which she later deleted. She admitted that her actions were disrespectful and deeply regrettable.

“I made a stupid amalgam that I should have never done and written, I admit, and that’s why I deleted the comment  after the fact but the damage was done. I am sincerely sorry,” Anais wrote in the letter.

“I am aware that I have disrespected you and your coach and I deeply regret my act,” she added, based on the report of GMA News.

For Obiena, Anais’s apology brings closure to the matter. He posted on his Facebook page, stating that he had received the attached apology letter from Anais Lavillenie, which he accepted.

He emphasized that she admitted her wrongdoing and recognized the error in her actions, reinforcing his stance as a 100% clean athlete. As a reminder, Obiena’s team had strongly refuted the doping allegations, with his mentor James Lafferty in Dubai providing detailed reasons why the world’s second-ranked pole vaulter is free from illegal substances.

They highlighted Obiena’s successful passage of 34 drug tests conducted by the World Anti-Doping Agency, including 11 tests this year. To further dispute the doping claims, Obiena’s camp went the extra mile, subjecting the athlete to two lie detector tests: a polygraph and the Eye Detect test.

The Eye Detect test, as described on the Converus website, is a cutting-edge lie detector that detects lies by monitoring subtle changes in eye behaviors. The results of the Eye Detect test, as shared by Obiena’s camp, confirmed that Obiena was “Truthful.”

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